Al Miller
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Rank: MFF
Date of Members passing:  4/27/2024
Hired:  1975
Retired:  2000
Years of Service:   25 yrs


Formerly of Lawrenceville, on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Albert passed away with family by his side.
So how do you sum up 82 years of a hard life well-lived in a few paragraphs?

Al loved sports, playing and watching. He played in the Little League World Series. This talent and love for the game remained through his whole life. He coached generations of young 10th Ward Little Leaguers and drove them around in his big red Ford pick-up. He also drove that truck across the country with his family in the 70’s where he found his future retirement dream in Arizona. He continued his love for the game managing and playing softball for three teams until his death.

He lost his parents at a young age and he had known hard work and long hours since. After high school, he joined the Army and went to Korea where he worked with the Honest John Missiles (M 31’s). Upon discharge, he became a Teamster and drove tractor trailers local and over the road. He became a PA State Instructor for tractor trailers. Al became a Pittsburgh Firefighter IAFF Local #1  in 1975 and found his place as pumpman at Engine #11. He also instructed in fire apparatus driving and operations to many recruits. He retired in 2000 but continued driving big rigs in Arizona until age 76.  He was a devoted provider to his family and a true friend to many. He will be truly missed. He is to be put to rest at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona.