Christopher M. Conway
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Rank:  Firefighter
Date of Members passing: 7/13/2020
Hired: 01/18/2018
Retired: NA
Years In Service: 2
Age 30, of Pittsburgh, suddenly on Monday, July 13, 2020 passed.  Chris attended Chartiers Valley High School (2004-2008) and Robert Morris University on full academic scholarship. He wanted to work in the medical field to spend his life helping others. In 2018, he joined the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire and became a firefighter and EMT for the city he loved. Chris proudly served the city from Engine 20 in Hays. His family and friends felt that he was made to be a firefighter because of his physical strength, medical knowledge, and compassion. Chris had a wide variety of interests and talents, and he excelled at everything he attempted. He loved playing sports, including football, hockey, golf, track & field, pickleball, and skateboarding. With a natural musical talent, he played saxophone, guitar, and sang beautifully. Chris was also brilliant academically; he spent much time contemplating philosophy, religion, rhetoric, physics, and morality. Being a new homeowner, Chris enjoyed creative home projects, building furniture, and other wood working. He and his wife were always pleased to host parties and dinners at their home; being surrounded by friends and family brought Chris joy. Chris had an honest, selfless, gentle spirit full of caring. He loved all animals, and animals always loved him. He was truly devoted to his Siberian Husky, Samson, who was his pride and joy. Chris had rock solid values and knew what was important in life. His favorite thing of all was to be at home, relaxing with his wife and petting his dog. He was grateful for all he had and cherished every good thing in his life.