Danny King, Master Firefighter
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Retired Passing Member: 06/22/2014
Years In Service: 32

KING DANIEL ROBERT Daniel Robert King was born February 19, 1956.  On Saturday, he was helping a neighbor, something that he has done so many times before, and unexpectedly suffered a fall. On Sunday, Danny King passed from the injuries he sustained from the fall.  Family meant everything to Danny. You could always see him painting, coaching, swimming, talking, and interacting with his wife and children. Danny would be seen all the time walking his dogs along Perrysville Avenue, smiling and waving to anyone who beeped when they passed by. Danny was also an avid fisherman and always told the best fish stories. He made frequent fishing trips down at Three Rivers and went on deep sea fishing trips out of state. Danny King began his career as a Pittsburgh Firefighter, following in the footsteps of his brother, Joe King-president of the Pittsburgh Firefighters. Danny was not only a Firefighter, he participated in everything, becoming Deck Hockey coach and a Brighton Heights Community Little League Baseball coach with his brother-in-law, P.J. – but it didn’t stop there. He constantly participated with other firefighters in projects like the Special Olympics, Disabled Veterans Olympics, Wheel chair games, Spina Bifida Association, kids Christmas parties, Muscular Dystrophy Organization, Fill the Boot Campaign’s, Paint your Heart Out (where every weekend they would go out and paint/refresh homes of neighbors in need, for free) and any and every program wherever he felt his presence/expertise was needed. Danny’s real passion was dedication to anyone, anywhere who needed help. His brothers and sisters of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire respected Danny. Not only from his own experience as a firefighter, but more importantly, his work ethic, character, honesty, and integrity were irreproachable. Because of his 32 years of experience, his opinions and his advice commanded respect, especially at a fire scene. Danny was never one, as a firefighter, to take a rest or break, especially at fires. He was always on “the Front Line” demanding of himself. A firefighter never leaves a firefighter behind – and always places the citizen’s health and safety ahead of his or her own. He’s been a Steeler ticket holder since 1972, mostly enjoying the game with his father, Joe, P.J., and in more recent years, his children, sons-in-law, and Sluggo, who attend every game. There’s always a steady group on the ramps. Danny King was also an Organ Donor. There are several people out there today that have a second chance in life because of Danny’s willingness to share; something he has done for 58 years. We have a saying in the profession of firefighting “People live a lifetime wondering if they made a difference”. Danny King will never have that problem, even in death. Just a little reminder from his big brother Joe – someone had better send a text to St. Peter and inform him Danny’s coming home, so he can lock and nail everything down.