Paul J. Coyne
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Rank: Battalion Chief.
Date of Members passing: 2/26/2023
Hired:  12/1/1969
Retired: 5/21/1990
Years of Service: 21 yrs
Age 76, of Pittsburgh, PA, (Oakland, Greenfield, and Baldwin), drew the curtains on Sunday, February 26, 2023, with his daughter, Jill, by his side.
Paul proudly served on the City of Pittsburgh Fire Department 1969 through 1990, which was a source of great pride and satisfaction. Earning a ranking to Captain and later retiring as acting Battalion Chief.
Always up for a good ol’ “barn raising” he spent some of his most enjoyable moments lending a hand or being returned a favor. If he was building with buddies, he was happy. Here’s to building beautifully with the Big Guy Upstairs, Slainte PJC!