Thomas E. Huston
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of Members passing: 4/15/2023
Hired:  7/18/1994
Retired: 4/24/2015
Years of Service: 21 yrs

Thomas E. Huston, age 64, of Ross Township, passed away suddenly on Saturday, April 15, 2023.  Thomas was a City of Pittsburgh Firefighter from 1994 to 2015. The last three years of which were as Lieutenant. Once he retired, he always said that he went from a full time job that paid to a full time job that didn’t pay. This was to reference that he was always working on his children’s houses. After many years of firefighting, he went on to work part time as a Zamboni driver. The family would always joke that he had the dream of any child: a firefighter then a Zamboni driver. Thomas grew up playing hockey with his younger brothers and fell in love with the game. He was big Pittsburgh Penguins fan, following the team through their ups and downs. He was happy to be able to see five Stanley Cups and two generational talents on his hometown team. He introduced his sons to hockey when they were young and they loved it instantly. He was the coach of the North Hills Hockey team for about 4 years. He also coached dek hockey when his sons were young and playing. Thomas loved his family, especially his grandchildren. They lit up his life. He was always humble and would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. He wouldn’t be happy with his family right now due to all the fanfare going on. He never wanted the attention, but he was greatly loved.