The Retired Firefighter

These were ordinary men and women in a profession that often took them to the edge of disaster. With years of training and practice they learn to overcome their fears, while gaining self-confidence in their abilities. They knew it was inevitable that someday they would come face to face with their own mortality. These Firefighters who work to preserve life and property, and whose shadowy figures would appear among the smoke and flames, struggled daily with the unknown challenges awaiting them. The people they served in the midst of destruction, never knew their names, never knew they had wept in silence for them, and never knew how the years of endless training had not prepared them for the realities of their profession. They were not heroes, just ordinary people doing an extraordinary job.
To these men and women, their only reward was in knowing that they gave their best—they are the Retired Firefighters—people of extraordinary courage—people who gave the very best of themselves to others.