Welcome To 2022 Events

Our hopes are that we will see more of you in 2022. March 12, 2022—Saturday—St Patrick’s Day Parade March 31, 2022—Poker Night @ VFW Morningside 7:00pm till 12:00am April 3, 2022—Sunday—PVFFA Annual Meeting at Local #1’s Union Hall August 10, 2022—Wednesday—11th Annual Golf Outing–at Birdsfoot Golf  Club TBA——Stag Picnic at Banksville Park September 30, 2022—Friday—Family […]

Congrats To Our Newest Retirees:

Retirements for the month of  June 2022 Norman Auvil–Assist. Chief–Office Tim Yakich–Lieutenant–Eng #29–27 yrs Raymond Stein–MFF–Eng #10–21 yrs May you have many years of Health and Happiness.

Sickness & Loss

  Please keep Jim Ellis in your prayers, he is in AGH. ______________________________________________ It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of; David W. Betzler–4/4/2022 James  M. Kirby–4/10/2022 Frederick A. Steinkirchner–4/16/2022 Joseph M. Krason–4/23/2022

Retiree Photo ID Cards

The Retiree ID Card program will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 from 9am to 11:00am at Fire Headquarters on Ross St.  If there are any questions please contact Sid Smith @ 412-951-6209, or Will Dengler @ 412-951-4650,  you must register.

The Retired Firefighter

These were ordinary men and women in a profession that often took them to the edge of disaster. With years of training and practice they learn to overcome their fears, while gaining self-confidence in their abilities. They knew it was inevitable that someday they would come face to face with their own mortality. These Firefighters […]

God Bless America And Our Troops

Lets never forget those who have fought and continue to fight and die for “Our Country” and the Freedoms we enjoy.

News You Can Use

Dental Benefits Click on link below: Policy number #918390 Enrollment Packet 11-1-21 Lauren Wengler, [email protected], 724.935.2310, handles all questions about the benefits as well as eligibility changes. Andrea Murray, [email protected], 724.935.2310, handles all eligibility changes with the insurance carriers