With the New Year comes hopes of an active 2021, we hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Cancelled3/13/2021  St Patrick’s Day Parade

Cancelled–4/11/2021–PVFFA Annual Meeting at Local #1’s Union Hall

6/16/2021–PVFFA  LODD Plaque dedication at the Training Academy

8/12/2021— PVFFA  10th Annual Golf Outing–at Birdsfoot Golf  Club–Cost: $125.00

9/10, 11, 12/2021Cancelled due to lack of interest— 9/11 20th Anniversary trip to New York–Cost $300.00

10/3/2021— Firefighter Memorial @ Troy Hill–11:00am

10/4/2021–Stag Picnic at Banksville Park

11/7/2021–Tony Caiaccia Memorial Mass at St Pauls in Oakland–12:00pm

12/18/2021— PVFFA Christmas Party @ Monte Cello’s–7:00pm