Robert C. Coleman

Al Miller

Anthony Palandro

Letter to our Legislators

  Your P.V.F.F.A. encourages you to take a few minutes to copy this letter and send it to your state Legislator. This may be the best and only time we will have this opportunity. Click on the letter to enlarge and print it. Thanks for your time and effort.

Robert J. Thomas

Robert J.Surgent

Ronald A. Niemiec

Congrats To Our Newest Retirees:

Retirements for the month of  May 2024 Mark Sauter, MFF #16 Eng–Wilkinsburg 4/1/2011 to 5/5/2024 Jesse Pierce, 4th FF–#8 Trk–4/6/2015 to %/1/2024 May you have many years of Health and Happiness.

Eamon G. Griffin

William Flick